​Sam Borthwick

What year did you graduate from WSH?


What are you doing now?
I’m in my senior year in college and putting on the show 

“Crooked Star” that was written by my boyfriend. 
I’m the choreographer and producer!

What is your favorite production that you have done

and why?
My favorite show was Mamma Mia [at WSH, she played Sophie] 

with its amazing songs and the ability to act off the songs adding  

your own spark!
What made you pursue theater?
Initially I was just not good at sports. But then I fell in love with storytelling and now have been doing it forever! I like how theater is not competitive and that you are working together as a group.

What are the people holding auditions looking for?
They want you to be unapologetically you, don’t try to be something you are not.

What is your advice for our WHS rising stars?
Be yourself and be willing to work on yourself. You need to want the school that you are applying for and show that in the process!aragraph here.

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