​​​​​​​Woodside High School 

Theatre Arts

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Spring Musical

Cinderella Enchanted

Auditions/Callbacks: November 28 - December 2, 3:45 pm @ PAC

​Performances: March 17-19, 24-26, Friday/Saturday 7:30 pm; Sunday 2 pm @ PAC

Student Drama Production

Performance: May 23, 7 pm @ PAC​​

​​​Fall Play
Murder Mystery: Manor of Death was a great success! Congratulations to the cast and everybody involved!

Enjoy some snapshots from the play


Monthly Meeting Schedule (7-8:30 pm)

NEW PARENT/STUDENT SOCIAL: Wednesday, 8/24/22,

1871 Hull Avenue, Redwood City Backyard

​Wednesday, 9/28/22 IN PERSON, MUR

Wednesday, 10/26/22  

No November meeting because of Thanksgiving holiday

HOLIDAY MEETING/PARTY: Thursday, 12/15/22,

1871 Hull Avenue, Redwood City

Wednesday, 1/25/23  

No February meeting because of Mid-Winter break        

No March meeting because of Musical week

Wednesday, 4/26/23  IN PERSON, MUR Conference Room

Wednesday, 5/24/23  

Drama is the universal language...